6 Reasons Why Landscape Architects Choose Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

People often ask us – Why outdoor porcelain tiles vs. natural stone or concrete pavers? 

It’s a difficult question as each product has its own specific purpose and application. We are definitely a little biased when it comes to believing that outdoor porcelain pavers are a product that will revolutionize the Canadian landscape industry, but don’t just believe us.

Here are 6 reasons why landscape architects choose outdoor porcelain tiles for their projects:

  1. Outdoor porcelain is resistant to freeze-thaw cycles – This means that porcelain pavers can endure the drastic changes in temperature that are common in Canada. Porcelain is designed to endure temperatures ranging from -50°C to +60°C.
  2. Outdoor tiles are anti-slip and have high traction – All Porcea Stone outdoor porcelain tiles are rated R11 or higher, which is similar to flamed granite pavers. Certain products that we sell will have higher traction than others, for example, our Porcea Gris and Porcea Sand are both higher traction outdoor porcelain tiles.
  3. Resistance to UV means outdoor porcelain tiles will not fade over time – Porcelain stone pavers can withstand UV radiation which means they are not prone to fading over time due to sunlight, which is often a problem with many natural stones and concrete pavers. Over time, many of these other products will start to appear gray in colour, while porcelain stoneware will maintain close to their original colour at the time of installation.
  4. Zero staining means zero maintenance for outdoor porcelain stone – As porcelain pavers are essentially impervious, they are not prone to stains from de-icing salt, moss, leaves, or other chemicals. A mild wash with a gentle brush is nearly always enough to wash your porcelain patio or porcelain walkway and bring it back to new.
  5. <0.5% water absorption makes porcelain pavers impregnable – Regardless of whether you’re using outdoor porcelain for a pool perimeter, a driveway, patio, or walkway, outdoor porcelain tiles are made of a dense clay which makes them highly durable and suitable for any nearly outdoor landscaping project. 
  6. Force and abrasion resistance means outdoor porcelain is suitable for commercial traffic – Outdoor porcelain tiles will not scratch from heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic, as the hardness rating of Porcea Stone pavers is equivalent to some of the most heavy duty granites on the market. This means you can design a porcelain shopping mall entrance, porcelain restaurant terrace, or even a porcelain driveway for a hotel, and feel comfortable that the product can withstand years of impact and force from baby strollers to cars & trucks