Porcea Gris

Porcea Gris is one of the most premium outdoor porcelain pavers in our product line and available in North America. It is a full-body porcelain which allows for a heavily textured surface on the tile.

Porcea Gris is the most popular outdoor porcelain tile among landscape architects. The natural textured surface, the dark granite appearance, the light patterned veining, and the dense nature of all outdoor porcelain pavers, making it the perfect product for commercial applications.

Porcea Gris in particular is available in our widest range of sizes including very large format outdoor porcelain sheets including 48×48” (120×120 cm) and 48×96” (120×240 cm), which means you can achieve a very clean look in your projects without any joints.

Porcea Gris is a modern outdoor porcelain tile with natural white striations that replicate the look of an exotic natural stone.

Pavers available in-stock. Copings, steps and custom pieces available upon request.



  • Maintenance Free
  • Anti-Slip & High Traction
  • Stain-Resistant
  • Resistant to UV Fading
Color Code PS-GRIS-PV
Dimensions 2 cm – 45×90 cm (18×36”)
2 cm – 60×60 cm (24×24”)
2 cm – 60×120 cm (24×48”)
2 cm – 120×120 cm (48×48”)
2 cm – 120×240 cm (48×96”)
3 cm – 60×60 cm (24×24”)
1 cm – 30×60 cm (12×24”) – for indoor use
1 cm – 60×120 cm (24×48”) – for indoor use

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