Outdoor Porcelain Tiles & Pavers

Design the most beautiful landscape project using the highest quality outdoor porcelain pavers made in Italy

Porcelain outdoor paving is superior than natural stone or concrete pavers

Porcea Stone is exclusively focused on porcelain for outdoor landscaping. Our expertise allows us to provide an extensive line porcelain pavers that are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials in Italy. Unlike natural stone or concrete pavers that require ongoing maintenance, outdoor porcelain stone tiles are extremely dense and durable. Porcelain tiles do not need to be sealed to protect them against the weather and are essentially fade-resistant to UV.

Outdoor porcelain is suitable for residential & commercial applications

Our range of outdoor porcelain pavers are manufactured from the finest raw materials in Italy, along with the strictest quality control processes. We offer Canada’s largest range of 20 mm and 30 mm outdoor porcelain tiles, which allows our products to be suitable for any type of application.

Ordinary day

Pools & Patios

Suitable for pool decks and residential patios, Porcea Stone offers a full range of outdoor porcelain pavers, copings and steps.

Driveways & Walkways

Thick pavers (3 cm) designed specifically for driveway application are suitable for residential & commercial vehicular traffic.


Terraces & Public Plazas

Installed over pedestals, cement, or gravel, Porcea pavers are consistent in thickness & dimensions.

Shopping Centers, Hotels, Offices

Porcelain is an extremely durable material designed for commercial high-traffic applications.

Porcelain pavers designed specifically for Canada

Porcea Stone’s line of outdoor porcelain has been specifically designed and manufactured for the Canadian climate. It can withstand freeze-thaw, has <0.5% water absorption, and is resistant to salt stains. Beyond the technical benefits of outdoor porcelain tiles, all our designs are exclusively made with a deep understanding of North American landscape architects and clients. We’ve curated a selection of options that can fit a variety of design aesthetics and help our clients achieve a modern & timeless landscape project.

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Our Gallery Collection

There are numerous projects that have used our collection of high quality, full body porcelain products.

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