Porcea Nero: A Replica Of Black Granite In Outdoor Porcelain Pavers

Outdoor Porcelain Tile: Porcea Nero

Black granite outdoor pavers are one of the most popular landscape stones for outdoor applications. There are many reasons why this is so, however, elegance and durability are likely on top of that list. The stone is often said to be one of the strongest paving materials around with a beauty to match.

However, similar to most natural stone pavers like sandstone and limestone, some granites can also be porous. They may be beautiful to look at, thick, and can take on tons of weight, but no matter how sturdy your paving slabs are, moisture can damage them if they are not designed to withstand it.

Porcea Stone’s Porcea Nero is the best alternative to black granite. Aside from having a granite-like aesthetic, it is far better at taking on any challenge that the Canadian weather throws at it.

What makes Porcea Nero outdoor porcelain tiles a better outdoor paving stone than black granite?

Porcea Nero is the closest match to black granite in porcelain tiles

There’s no denying that black granite is an extremely versatile natural stone. You can use it in both indoor and outdoor applications, including kitchen countertop, patios, and pool decks. Likewise, it is commonly used in commercial structures. So why do you need to switch from black granite pavers to outdoor porcelain tiles?

The benefit comes from the natural properties of Porcea Stone tiles. Firstly, we are masters in designing porcelain tiles for North America. This experience has allowed us to create an outdoor porcelain paver that is a 99% close match to Jet Black or Ebony black granite, a stone that is now extinct in North America.

The closest replica to black granite is Porcea Nero. This porcelain tile has a slight texture creating a non-slip surface, and can easily match the beauty of black granite. On top of that, it can cope up with heavy-duty commercial traffic and vehicular traffic on your driveway. That is the real benefit of Porcea Stone’s 30mm porcelain pavers. You can dry lay them on a gravel base and they are suitable for vehicular traffic. This means you can create a black granite driveway for half the cost using Porcea Nero outdoor porcelain pavers.

The versatility of Porcea Nero extends beyond driveways to include patios, pool decks and walkways.

What’s more, you can also use this stunning dark, black outdoor porcelain paver on all kinds of softscaping or masonry. Porcea’s 3 cm porcelain tiles are available for a wide variety of applications, including copings, steps, and custom pieces.

Why should I choose Porcea Stone outdoor porcelain pavers?

Porcea Stone has worked tirelessly on Porcea Nero to perfect the true colour of this outdoor porcelain paver

If you’re looking for a landscaping material that will not give you a headache from moisture damage and unpleasant stains, Porcea Stone porcelain tiles are the perfect paving stones. Our products are long-lasting and not porous. This means that they have low water absorption, which, in turn, eliminates staining from moss, leaves, or salt. Furthermore, Porcea Nero replicates the stylish and minimalistic appearance of black granite. It can also provide you the timeless charm that the natural stone is known for, without any challenges with maintenance.

Unlike black granite, you don’t need to seal Porce Nero with a silicone sealant that creates a lot of mess just to ensure it always stays beautiful and untarnished. Regardless of what a company might tell you, even black granite will fade a little from sunlight and will begin to appear more gray and less black over time. Porcea Nero is different. As an outdoor porcelain tile, you do not need to seal it to protect it from sunlight and it will maintain its jet black stone colour for decades without any fading. So instead of doing the tedious upkeep, you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy your backyard oasis.

Our porcelain tiles are also available in a wide range of designs and colours. We have all the stones you need to create the outdoor space of your dreams, from modern to rustic. Simply browse our product catalogue or contact our team of experts to discuss your project.