Latest Landscape Design Trends To Watch Out In 2021

COVID-19 has changed the shape and future of outdoor living as families are spending more time at home. Hence, 2020 has been a massive year for the landscape design industry. We’ve seen numerous innovations in designs that have encouraged us to utilize our outdoor spaces even more for our typical indoor activities. 

In 2021, design landscape trends will bring us back to nature. Most people are after an eco-friendly and low-maintenance approach in their landscaping. Likewise, many homeowners want an outdoor area where they can simply unwind, relax, and forget about the impact of the pandemic on their lives. And although we want a beautiful green yard, we also want our backyard to have a wide range of other hardscaping and softscaping, including plants. 

As we keep our hopes alive with COVID-19 vaccine roll-outs in full swing, here’s a look at the top landscape design trends for 2021 to create the perfect quarantine oasis.


There’s more to biophilia than being merely a philosophy. It has been found that a biophilic landscape design promotes your psychological well-being, physical health, and cognitive function. It stimulates a connection between nature and human beings aside from promoting productivity and wellness. 

When it comes to biophilic design, one of the building materials you can incorporate into your landscape are Porcea Stone’s outdoor porcelain pavers. Our range includes products that feature more natural and untreated wood appearances, such as Porcea Ash Timber and Porcea Birch Timber. These outdoor porcelain tiles replicate the look of wood and are an excellent choice to achieve the overall landscape design trend for 2021 that’s leaning towards a wellness scheme. The warm, earthy tones in our wood collection are perfect for any wooden or composite deck that you want to replace with a zero-maintenance outdoor porcelain tile.

Latest Landscape Design Trends
Porcea Ash Timber

Interesting Patterns For Hardscape

This year will be an exciting one for the trends in patio pavers. Geometric and more stylish surfaces will replace uniform and flat designs. We’ll see landscape designs stepping up to another level with stairways, benches, and raised flower beds.
Where once many clients wanted the natural variation in natural stone or a multi-pack interlock paver that mixes a few different colours together, the shift has been more towards subtle monotone colours with a slight pattern. One of our most exotic options is the Porcea Gris, often remarked by landscape architects as the best outdoor porcelain tile for commercial projects due it’s subtle yet distinct character.

Latest Landscape Design Trends
Porcea Gris

Functional Plants

Beautiful plants are in demand at the beginning of 2020. But with the COVID-19 pandemic still gripping the entire nation, useful and functional plants will be extremely in demand. Don’t get us wrong though. That does not mean that you have to transform your stunning backyard into just an herb, vegetable, or fruit garden. But we are seeing an increase in homeowners opting for boosting plants that can help repel mosquitoes and other insects. 

So if you’re planning to go this route, consider choosing plants that are not only attractive but beneficial and functional as well. For instance, you can use some flowering shrubs to direct the flow of traffic on your property while keeping pests that carry diseases at bay. You can even find some perennial shrubs that can serve as a pleasant walkway during winter.

Less Is More

Low-key landscaping is another 2021 landscape design trend you need to watch out for. If there’s one thing that the pandemic has though us is that less is more. When it comes to landscape, that means there’s no need for you to build a complex gazebo or an expensive rotunda to make it stand out. A landscape that’s elegant and beautiful yet simple is all you need to turn the heads of your neighbors. 

To achieve this, you need paving materials with a modern and clean aesthetic. Our Porcea Almond outdoor porcelain paver with a clean beige appearance and is suitable for driveways and vehicular traffic. Porcea Moongrey is also perfect since it has a clean, light gray tone, making it very modern in appearance.

Many clients will use outdoor porcelain pavers as large format stepping stones to their backyard or around their home. It’s a zen-like approach with small loose gravel or pebbles filled between each paver to create a simple and elegant walkway.

Latest Landscape Design Trends
Porcea Moongrey

Glass Wall Partition in the Backyard Patio To Sync Interior With Exterior

Canada’s winter can be extreme. That’s why we are often forced to confine ourselves inside during the cold months. But you can easily solve this predicament with glass partitions that create a viewpoint that you are outside of your home. As your interior blends beautifully with the snow-covered exterior, you will be able to enjoy the entire view without falling victim to the unforgiving weather outside.

This is also perfect during summer where you don’t have to get sunburned. And once the mild spring weather kicks in, you and the entire family can go outside to bond over your favorite barbecue and drinks.

Latest Landscape Design Trends
Porcea Nero

Vertical Gardens

If you have a small space, this is a great landscape design idea. It’s not very challenging to do and all you need is a wall where you can put up a frame. To ensure water does not touch the wall directly, simply place plastic sheeting on the frame’s back portion. Moreover, you can attach some layers of fabric to your frame to make it unique. Then, build your irrigation system, plant lemon balm, honeysuckle, and succulents, and you’re all set.

Naturally Native

Eclectic is one of the themes that will be a big part of landscape design trends this 2021. With that in mind, native plants will be on top of the list of homeowners. That’s because these plants are an excellent way to maintain your flourishing garden. Also, it has been proven that native plants understand the elements of your area and have stood the test of time and pests. On top of that, you’re doing the environment a favor by focusing on native, along with being budget-friendly.