How Do You Clean Outdoor Porcelain Tiles?

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One of the best places in your home where you can entertain, enjoy, and relax is your outdoor area. Generally, it is the extension of your living space. And if you have porcelain tiles installed in your garden or patio, consider yourself lucky. These landscape materials are virtually maintenance-free. All you need to do is to sweep your porcelain pavers with a good old broom to remove any dirt that has accumulated on the tiles and maybe give it a wash using a hose. Plus, you don’t even need to do this chore daily. A weekly routine of sweeping is all it takes to make them look as good as the day they were installed.

Do Porcelain Tiles Get Stains?

There’s no denying that outdoor porcelain pavers are very easy to maintain and clean. Porcea Stone tiles are made from the highest grade raw materials and go through advanced quality control processes. Hence, our porcelain tiles, which are available in true 20mm and 30mm thickness, are impermeable to water, preventing issues with moss and mold growth.

Furthermore, our products are naturally hard-wearing, slip-resistant, as well as abrasion, and scratch-resistant. Nevertheless, sometimes they can acquire stains because of elements, spills, and other environmental and external factors. 

You may be wondering how can this be when these hardscape materials are impervious, right? Simply put, everything needs some light TLC (tender loving care) and it won’t take a lot to get your outdoor porcelain tile looking like new once again.

Fortunately, gone are the days where you have to bleach and jet-hose your outdoor area for hours on end. With porcelain pavers, you can achieve a clean patio in as little time and effort as possible. That means you’ll have more time in your hands to cook your favorite BBQ or simply relax under the sun.

6 Simple Steps To Clean Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

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So how do you care for and clean your Porcea Stone outdoor porcelain tiles?

  1. Prepare: The first thing you need to do is to prepare your cleaning tools, such as a bucket, sponge or brush, and broom.
  2. Remove debris: Remove sticks, leaves, and other excess debris by sweeping them away with your broom. 
  3. Light wash: Get a bucket and fill it with warm, soapy water. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use bleach to clean your Porcea Stone tiles. A regular washing-up liquid will do. Note: Always use manufacturer directions when selecting a suitable product for your tiles and test on a small area at the edge of your project.
  4. Gentle scrub: Wet your sponge or brush in the soapy water. Then, scrub at your porcelain tiles to get rid of the remaining residue and dirt from sweeping. You can also wet the broom if you don’t have a sponge or brush.
  5. Pressure wash: You can use a stronger power wash for tough, stubborn marks.
  6. Air dry: Once you’re done washing the entire outdoor area, let it air dry from natural sunlight.

Our outdoor porcelain tiles are specifically designed to ensure you don’t have to do this task very often unless necessary. Following these simple steps will keep your outdoor porcelain tiles gleaming for many years to come. Take, for example, our Porcea Coast which is an outdoor porcelain tile that replicates the look of Indiana Limestone and is frequently chosen by landscape architects when there are many trees and leaves on the property and clients want a zero-maintenance natural stone for their pool deck. There’s a reason why customers ask for Porcea when searching for the best outdoor porcelain tiles in Ontario, Canada.

5 Things to Avoid when Cleaning Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

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While Porcea Stone tiles boast outstanding strength, there are still a few methods and products you must avoid as much as you can:

  • Harsh chemicals: Refrain from applying any product that contains bleach, ammonia, or any cleaners that are acid-based. These may alter the color of your tiles, stain the grout, or cause other irreparable damage.
  • Wax-based cleaners: Avoid using oil-based wax cleaners and detergents.
  • Dye-based solutions: If you have unglazed porcelain tiles, make sure to not use cleaners containing coloring or dye.
  • Steel brushes: Steel wool is a no-no when cleaning outdoor porcelain tiles. The tool has small particles that may embed in the grout and the tile itself, which may cause rust stains over time. 
  • Heavy scrubs: You also have to avoid scrub brushes or those with hard bristles since they can cause streaks on your outdoor tile patio and also remove the grout or jointing sand. Although Porcea Stone pavers are scratch-resistant, taking that extra precaution is always recommended when working with outdoor porcelain tiles.