Manufacturer & Distributor of Outdoor Tiles

Porcea Stone offers the largest range of porcelain landscaping stone, produced with the finest quality of materials from Italy and designed for outdoor application in North America. Our outdoor porcelain tiles are exclusively hand-selected by a team of experts to replicate the look of some of the most popular paving options available in our market.

The Experts in Outdoor Porcelain

Our expertise is in sourcing the highest quality outdoor porcelain stone that is available in Canada and the United States.

Our team of advisors and experts has 20+ years of experience in sourcing hardscaping products including imported natural stone, local natural stone, and concrete pavers.

What makes us the best


Porcea Stone works directly with factories globally, focused primarily on outdoor porcelain products, enabling steady, high-quality production of porcelain year-round. We can work with landscape architects to help them recreate a specific design aesthetic for their particular project, as well as options that can work within their budget.


Porcea has extensive relationships with shipping and logistics providers to help ensure your outdoor porcelain products are handled with care and arrive on time. We have exclusive global supply chains and our high volumes allow us to offer the most competitive prices in the market for outdoor porcelain tiles.


Porcea is a partner on your projects, ensuring we maintain year-round stock of the most popular outdoor porcelain tiles with a wide variety of options for any landscape architect or client. From our North American storage facility, we can easily ship material across Ontario, Quebec, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and New Jersey.

Outdoor porcelain has already been tested in Europe!

Porcea’s full range of landscaping porcelain has already been time & weather-tested throughout Europe, including countries such as Italy, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Russia, and most Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, & others). Beyond Europe, outdoor porcelain stone has also recently gained traction in Australia and the United States.

Outdoor Porcelain is a Superior Product

There’s no question about it. Outdoor porcelain for landscaping use might be a new concept for Canada, but it has technical specifications that are superior to concrete and natural stone.

Anti Frost

Resistant to freeze-thaw cycles, tested in Scandinavian countries with temperatures ranging from -50°C to +60°C

Resistant to salt/moss

Highly resilient material that is resistant to stains from acids, salts, moss, mildew, etc.

Low water absorption

Less than 0.1% absorption of water allows high structural strength and suitability for all climates

Resistant to colour change

Unlike natural stone and concrete, porcelain does not easily fade with sunlight or from exposure to UV radiation


Great traction with a high dynamic coefficient of skid resistance (DCOF) and slip ratings exceeding R10 and R11.

Force & Abrasion Strength

Durable material that can resist impact/force, and a MOHS hardness rating of 6-8 makes Porcea Stone as durable as granite

Installation and Application

Unlike some limitations that exist with concrete or stone pavers, outdoor porcelain stone is highly flexible when it comes to installation

The four most common ways to install outdoor porcelain are:

  • Sand or gravel
  • Concrete and mortar
  • Raised on pedestals
  • Lay on grass

Sand or gravel

For vehicular traffic, 3 cm porcelain can be dry-laid on sand or gravel; while for pedestrian traffic, 2 cm porcelain is suitable on sand or gravel.

Concrete and mortar

Designed for higher density pedestrian or vehicular traffic, this application is the most strong and long-lasting installation of outdoor porcelain.

Raised on pedestals

Floating paving primarily used for terraces eliminates humidity problems, allows for passage of electrical cables and pipes, and efficient drainage of rainwater.

Lay on grass

Dry laying porcelain on grass is the easiest and most simple installation method. Pavers can be installed with minimal joins or as stepping stones for a walkway or patio.